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About Us Bon Vivant

The name Bon Vivant was inspired by the vibes and culture of Montreal, QC. World renowned for its festivals, breezy summer patios and 24hr lifestyle, Montreal is the perfect city to experience the life of a true Bon Vivant.

As a company our aim is simple - to elevate your everyday basics and make them the best they can be. We put all our energy into design and fit to make sure you look good on your journey from work to the restaurant and wherever your Bon Vivant night takes you...

I could never find that perfect shirt or pants, that's one of the main reasons I started making my own clothes. Growing up a sponsored skateboarder I spent a lot of time traveling the world, exploring city streets and styles. This really inspired me to create my own vision for Bon Vivant. When designing I try to focus on classic pieces with a timeless style while obsessing on every detail no matter how small. We're always sourcing the most reputable mills in Japan for the best fabrics, making sure our products will last for a long time and improve with wear. To maintain the standards of all our pieces we manufacture everything in Canada, specifically Quebec." – Jean Mat Vincent founder and designer