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Gino Shirts

Our FW17 collection is made in Québec of high quality Japanese Fabric in our signature-tapered silhouette

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Your garments will last more than twice as long because they are more than twice as good, and as a rule they will show "Quality" as long as they last

The Stevie Tee

The Stevie tee is locally made with organic fabric where local production and eco-respectful manufacturing are always the standard.


Who we are..

The name Bon Vivant was inspired by the vibes and culture of Montreal, QC. World renowned for its festivals, breezy summer patios and 24hr lifestyle, Montreal is the perfect city to experience the life of a true Bon Vivant.

As a company our aim is simple - to elevate your everyday basics and make them the best they can be. We put all our energy into design and fit to make sure you look good on your journey from work to the restaurant and wherever your Bon Vivant night takes you...